Ash + Chris Engagement at Seaford beach

“It has been 1231 days since I first met you, and it didn’t take long to realise you’re the one I want to spend my life with”

Ash Chris Engagement Seaford beach

Couples like Ash and Chris are the reason I love what I do. A perfect match and what I imagine will be a similarly perfect wedding.

The two met after a charming text in which Chris informed Ash of how his night on the town was going; Ash being the lovely soul she is, insisted on picking him up and dropping him home – “After we left I had to make a pit stop so he could be sick…three times. We finally arrived at his house and he said, ‘I’d kiss you but I just vomited, so I won’t’ – what a charmer”.

The relaxed and humble relationship is evident almost immediately between the two, clearly so at ease in each other’s company. Both romantics at heart, they shamelessly admit they love to spoil each other with gifts, favours and cute messages.

Their clear romantic nature begs the question of how the proposal took place. Chris had recently been stressed and busy at work, so the two had planned a big night out to make up for the recent lack of dinners and alone time. They organised to stay at the gorgeous Crown Towers in Melbourne’s city along with a fancy dinner. Beforehand though, Chris took Ash to her favourite city spot for cocktails, the Rialto. As Ash explains, “we sat out on the deck, looking at the breathtaking views in the perfect warm weather and after many compliments and lovey dovey chats he began to say, ‘it has been 1231 days since I first met you’, (as he lowered to his knee) ‘and it didn’t take long to realise you’re the one I want to spend my life with’”. Ash admits that as soon as she saw that little ring box open she was completely lost in his words. Tears streaming down her face, she grabbed the ring and put it on her finger. Her answer was obvious and fair to say, the remainder of the evening was absolutely perfect.

Their love for each other is contested only by the love they have for their two pugs – Ruby and Leo. “We both can’t remember exactly why we chose to get a pug, but it has been the best thing we’ve ever done for ourselves and our relationship! They bring out an amazing feeling of love and happiness for both of us”. Their weekend mornings are usually spent with Chris bringing Ash breakfast in bed, followed by strolls to the pug park with their little fur babies.

Their wedding plans are as relaxed and romantic as Ash and Chris, with a garden wedding planned in the Dandenongs. Chris’ hopes for the day are that it’s memorable and shared between himself and his beautiful bride-to-be. “I’m so excited to see her walking towards me down the aisle and being moments away from officially becoming lifelong partners”. For Ash, “it’s really important to me that the whole process is enjoyable, smooth running and memorable. We have been on the exact same page with everything so far, I’m lucky he just agrees with anything!”, as most brides would be!

I was so excited to take engagement shots of Chris and Ash. It’s part of the process and something I love to do as I get to know the couple, see how they connect and can prepare myself and them for the big day, to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Such a special part of getting to know couples is the time I get to spend with them where they open up, tell me about their relationship and I get a sense of who they are as a couple. It’s amazing to build that relationship and witness the love shared between them before we even get to point of taking photos. Once I get to know a couple, I immediately see a difference in their body language and I think making them feel at ease is such an important part of the process.

I always ask couples what they like to do and what is important to them - with Ash and Chris it was their puppies Ruby and Leo, so we’re making sure we have them in the shots! For other couples, it could be exploring so we’ll take the time to find a secluded back beach and go have some fun exploring. Some love Melbourne and having a coffee at their fav local coffee shop so we’ll go hang out there and take photos in a relaxed but familiar environment. I like to keep it simple and do the things they enjoy doing together.


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Kim xx