Who is Sunday Love?


Hi there! My name’s Kim

I grew up surrounded by love. My parents met on a blind date, on Valentine’s Day no less, and spent their entire marriage blissfully happy. They’d hold hands at the shopping centre (much to my embarrassment!) and were as in love as I’ve ever seen two people be.  

Growing up, I had always promised my father that I would go to uni and pursue my passions. However, wasn’t sure exactly where my passions lay. As the cancer grew more aggressive and he became more unwell I remember him saying to me ‘you take a good photo, Pixie, why not do that?’. Those words still give me a chill, in the best possible way. I listened to him, and did just that. I enrolled in uni and studied photography, absolutely loving every minute of it.

The smile on his face on the day of my graduation was so bright. He lit up that whole room. Learning to take photos was easy with my father as my muse. It also showed me things I’d never seen before. The connection between him and my mother was always clear, but taking photos of them together showed me things I hadn’t yet seen. The small gestures, expressions, and the love between them shone through in those photos. It made me realise how powerful a picture can be, and how unobtrusively documenting these things can have such a big impact on the story I so luckily have the power to tell.

This love for people and their connections and emotions made me throw myself into weddings. I realised very quickly that the love shared in photos is exemplified at a wedding with the coming together of two people in love. I feel so privileged being able to document such a special day.

I am very lucky to have found my solemate and the love of my life. My fiancé and I enjoy spending days off together exploring, finding great coffee, brunching spending time in each other’s company and spoiling our beautiful girl.

I hope I can one day help tell your love story

X Kim